Green Seas Fuels Forum 2023

New York Yacht Club | 9 March



Actionable strategies for a sustainable future from shipping's first movers

Across three sessions, the summit will take an in-depth exploration of the intersection of sustainability and the business of marine fuels. Our speakers will include the first-mover shipowners and operators that are taking steps now to tackle their greenhouse gas emissions by investing in new fuels and hunting for supply. Finance experts will discuss the puzzle of financing new fuel technology and how the ESG pressures in banking and investing will impact shipping’s decarbonisation path. And we’ll take a deep dive into the markets for alternative marine fuels to figure out how shipping will obtain supplies amid competition with other industries for volumes. 

The Forum is comprised of three panels: 

Session One
First movers: Shipowners and operators chart a course to lower-carbon fuels

Session Two
Financing fuel: The hunt for capital for green fuel technology

Session Three
Solving the puzzle: lining up technology and supply for new fuels




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