TradeWinds Digital Shipowners Forum 2020

27 October 2020

Session 1: 0900 GMT | 1100 EET  | 1700 SGT
Session 2: 1100 GMT | 1300 EET  | 1900 SGT

Future shock: How to thrive in a decade of change 

Our biggest global conference – the flagship, TradeWinds Shipowners Forum, goes digital this autumn. As we mark 30 years of unrivalled journalism, we’ll be gathering a diverse panel of key industry leaders, shipowners, policy makers, investors, CEO’s, influencers and other thought leaders who are driving change during these unprecedented times.

Like every other industry, shipping is adapting to survive, from rising investment costs, acceleration in technology development and innovation to radically reducing carbon emissions and improving sustainability. We’ll debate the outlook for shipping and the challenges ahead with unique content and exclusive insight from the industry’s most trusted and successful event organiser.

Add your voice to the conversation and join us for two sessions of online discussions with some of the industry’s leading shipowners and newsmakers.

  • China. The first country hit by covid-19 is now the only one with a recovering economy. How is rest of shipping coping and how has the pandemic changed shipowners strategic outlook?
  • What’s now for already an over-supply driven shipping market?
  • Attack or defence? Time to gear-up and spend, or buckle down and preserve cash?
  • We examine what’s slowing the second-hand market down
  • Why is the newbuilding market so slack, despite low prices?
  • How is shipping handling the unknowns of future environmental rules over decarbonisation?
  • How is the industry making choices of future fuels?
  • Is it possible to secure competitive finance for conventional ships?
  • Are charterers voicing demands for faster change or will charters pay?
  • Are the economics of dual-fuel ships adding up today?
  • Does the industry see a new industrial landscape emerging - bigger pools, bigger fleets, more and closer long-term contracts?
  • Investment into freight tech companies - ‘disruptors’ are showing positive results? Who are the ‘rainmakers’?

This digital forum is comprised of two one-hour sessions:

Session 1: Green Money for Blue Sea Business
Session 2: Posidonia Shipowners Forum

Speakers Include


Secretary General
International Maritime Organization
Managing Director, CEO and CIO
J.P. Morgan Asset Management's Global Transportation Group
Chief Operating Officer





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